Unbundling Remote Cash Capture

Whose problem is it?

The market for bundled smart-safes has exploded, as more banks offer in-store provisional credit from smart-safes. End-users and even service providers want options. Banks, armored carriers and technology providers are painting the landscape with “mix-and-match” options that allow considerable vendor-independence.Currency pile

Many problems never see the light of day, from the customer’s perspective, so long as a single provider has access and control over the smart-safe, including its audit trail, technical support, deposit verification and information. The service provider has a vested interest in keeping the noise level low.

With freedom comes responsibility!

Unbundling can result is situations where problem-solving is really complicated. Users will expect quick resolution, especially if there is a possible cash shortage. Someone will eventually have to play referee, chairing a multi-vendor corrective action committee or assuming a product management role.

Improve your chances of success.

You might consider some of these approaches in your pursuit of excellence:

 1. Limit yourself to a single bundled solution by market.

2. If possible, establish a “standard” for the way you receive safe totals and deposit verification & settlement reports. New middleware solutions are being introduced to facilitate this.

3. Consider separating sales audit from your banking timeline. Wow! This is a major paradigm shift, but one that simplifies things while opening windows of opportunity.

4. Maintain a seat at the table with your multiple vendors, by appointing a specialist.

5. Put in place contract language that spells out roles and responsibilities for working through disputes.

Any approach should maintain the fundamental priorities – First, balance; then, get the job done without adding back-office hours; and, only then look for added value.  By embracing this new freedom with realistic expectations and goals, you’ll enjoy the best of the best!

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