Smart-Safe do-over – Take your time!

“Do-overs” can be just as difficult as implementing a new technology or service for the first time. In some ways, more difficult.

If you 4 or 5 years ago installed CompuSafe™, CashLINK™, SafePoint® or Cache$ystems® from one of the major armored car companies, chances are your contract is up for renewal.

It takes discipline when reviewing a decision you made years ago. One pain could have driven your project, such as cash drawer shrinkage or wanting to free up your manager. You solved the issue. In fact, it might feel like you never had a problem! But be careful or the pain you solved could come back.

You are now an educated user. Why not write the specification and have the vendors work to your wants and needs? Here is a guideline to make your present situation even better.

Do a level-set:

Gather the original, decision-making team plus any proposals and notes.
- Why did you invest in the present solution?
- Are those reasons still valid?
- What implementation issues did you experience? Take preventative action this time.

What new criteria are important?

I’ll bet plenty has changed in 5 years.
- Have you reconfigured your stores or restaurants? If so, does today’s safe configuration still make sense?
- Has your cash volume changed? If so, make sure to review your armored car schedule and the capacity of your safes.
- Do you run the business differently? Do the old user permissions and reports make sense?

Find the “unexpected delight.”

What new technology is available? (Touch screens; multi-language; bill readers that accept more than one note at a time.)
- Is the technology able to be expanded if hopefully cash volumes increase over the life of the new agreement?
- Are there new web tools available for downloading audit trails, pushing out new series of currency or software?
- Can you get provisional credit for cash that is still in the safe?

Lastly, factor in the cost associated with removing your present safes and installing new ones. They could be substantial.

Next, we’ll discuss provisional credit . . .

If you just did a do-over, we’d love to hear what you learned.

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