Has your cash gone viral?

How many people know the amount of cash you keep in the business?

“Coincidence” is an over-used word when investigating cash losses. Isn’t it odd? Your safe was robbed at the point of maximum exposure. Somehow the bad guys knew your armored car schedule, and when the safe would contain the most money. Heck, they even knew which safe held held the deposit and where to attack the lock!

The dynamics of “social networking” is a great lesson in why you need to protect your cash information. Twitter, blogs, websites and emails are effective because once released, they begin to have a life of their own. An email may be deleted, only to be retrieved months later. Or, it immediately gets passed on to others. In the same way, present and past employees speak about your business. Make sure they aren’t talking about your cash! You might consider following these guidelines:

  • Minimize the printing and displaying of cash totals. If you use a smart-safe or other automated cash accountability, see if “totals” information can be restricted to management-level reports.
  • Don’t expose cash, especially in volume. Even 500 singles can look like a million dollars to someone not used to seeing cash.
  • Minimize the number of eyes that see your armored car paperwork. (That goes for change fund orders, too.)

Lastly, secure your change fund. I’ll never forget going into a store to buy a soda and seeing nearly $1000.00 in boxed coin on the floor beside the safe! The value of each box is printed on the outside. ”$500.00 Quarters” in bright orange caught my eyes . . . and everyone else, I’m sure.

Keep it safe!

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